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1240 S. Westlake Blvd Suite 101,
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CPAP alternatives westlake village

A modern, comfortable solution to sleep apnea & snoring.

Struggling with the discomfort, interruption, and constriction brought on by your CPAP machine? You're not in this alone. Studies reveal that nearly half or even more of CPAP users discontinue the therapy over time. However, there's an alternative solution from Dr. Steve Greenman for those experiencing obstructive sleep disorders.

An oral appliance is a compact, tailor-made mouthpiece designed to both mitigate sleep apnea symptoms and prevent snoring. Unlike the cumbersome CPAP machine and its associated masks, these dental devices are portable, silent, and offer greater comfort. At our Westlake Village dental office, we create customized oral appliances to ensure both you and your partner can enjoy uninterrupted, full night's sleep each and every night.

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Treating Sleep Apnea
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Meet Dr. Greenman

Dr. Steve Greenman is a Southern California native and a graduate of UCLA Dental School. He’s a highly qualified sleep dentist who’s been recognized as a Diplomate by the American Board of Dental Sleep Medicine. Dr. Greenman uses the latest technology and advanced techniques to determine the treatment plan that works for best for you.


As a child, Dr. Greenman had his own difficulties with his breathing and health, which resulted in endless surgeries and extensive dental work. This inspired him to get into the field of dentistry so he could help others find the safest and most efficient solutions to their problems. With over 10 years of experience treating sleep apnea, Dr. Greenman is dedicated to providing the utmost care for each patient and meeting their individual needs.

Based on 23 reviews
Andrew Mostowa
Andrew Mostowa
Dr. Greenman is amazing. He clearly cares about his patients and went out of his way to make sure I understood what was going on and was satisfied with the process. He is out of network with my insurance and his assistant managed to navigate the paperwork in order to get my services pre-approved as well as an in-network exemption. I have never had any other doctor's office take initiative to do that for a patient. Awesome!
Joni Weitzner
Joni Weitzner
My sleep physician referred me to Dr.Greenman to be fitted with an oral appliance for sleep apnea. Dr Greenman is a very professional and kind dentist and I highly recommend him to anyone who needs an alternative to a sleep apnea machine.
Hamlet Zadourian
Hamlet Zadourian
I highly recommend Dr Greenman to anyone with sleep apnea issues. He is a very kind and a very thoughtful doctor and he truly cares about the health and treatment of his patients. He is the Best!
GREAT Dr. And office..grade A+ taking time explaining everything, Dr. Greenman cuts NO corners.and spends as much time as needed to consult you never rushed out of his office..only the best materials used. Could not ask for a better or more knowledgeable physician .
Melanie Gingerich
Melanie Gingerich
I feel so well cared for when I visit Dr Greenman and Lisa at his office. They are both personable and take the time to make meaningful connections with patients. Dr Greenman is clearly doing work that he loved and is passionate about. I am so grateful for such a positive experience with them.
James McMurphy
James McMurphy
Dr. Greenman and Lisa have helped immensely with my sleep apnea condition. We’re getting excellent results with the dental appliances. Can’t wait for my next sleep test to get the improvement data. Beyond happy this therapy is working instead of returning to CPAP
Jeanne Patlin
Jeanne Patlin
Dr Greenman was terrific. I couldn’t ever get a CPAP mask to fit my face and happy to find this solution . I have been able to sleep with no complaints about my snoring from my husband or waking up gasping for air. I highly recommend Dr Greenman.
George Hertz
George Hertz
Tried for over a year to use a cpap machine. Just wasn't right for me. My doctor(UCLA) suggested using a sleep apnea appliance. Also recommended Dr Greenman, ( apnea dentist) it has literally changed my life! Better sleep with 90% less snoring!

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